La Axarquia Malagueña

For many of you the past few linear days may have seen HUGE amounts of emotion rise to the surface of your very BEing, it may have seen you struggle to understand all that is playing out at a very human conscious waking mind level. I talked about “completion” in my last blog and this completion was the END of the old 3D earth created reality frequencies. This reality is now no longer open to interact with and by this I mean that it is no longer possible to anchor yourself into ANY part of these old 3D earth frequencies. What may confuse your human logical mind is that the world APPEARS to look the same therefore you may be allowing your human logical mind to teach you that nothing has changed. You may also assume that other people are able to function in a world that was there before but in TRUTH there is only NOW and the frequencies are the highest they have ever reached and will continue to expand and to heighten as the entire human race now move into TRUTH.

In essence the old 3D earth CREATED reality only exists within the individual human vehicles that are running said frequencies. It is not possible to move into the New Earth running any of the old 3D earth created lower dimensional frequencies and this is what many of you are now experiencing. There is no hiding place for the distortions, this is what you are physically wrestling with at this time and this may be manifesting in your outer waking life experience in a variety of ways. From feeling physical aches and pains, throwing up, sleeping for vast amounts of time, crying and feeling intense anger, hopelessness etc. ALL are the frequencies leaving the CELLULAR structure of the human vehicle, the depth directly connected to the intensity of the experience of release.

It is important that you do not try to distract yourself or try to rationalise why you are experiencing the emotional release that you are experiencing, this is the human logical mind attempting to reference in order to STORE the emotion, this will deprive you of the opportunity of FULL RELEASE of the frequency. The more that you allow your human logical mind to attempt the reference the more frustration you will feel as there are NO reference points, so in plain terms the human logical mind will attempt to “file” your emotion in a part of your human vehicle, there are no more filing cabinets available so there is no ability to file. This must be acknowledge and interacted with.


If this sees you melt into a puddle of tears that you cannot explain then it will see you melt into a puddle of tears. It may come as a surprise to many of you the DEPTH of emotion that comes up for release, for there are many teachings within the old 3D earth created reality that seek to teach that you have “dealt” with something therefore it is of no concern any more and this is hugely distorted. The patterns of the old 3D earth CREATED reality that you birthed into are now fully dissolving, this part of the human life experience here upon the planet is COMPLETE.

YOU are not asked to remain in the frequencies of what I have often termed the “training” grounds on Planet Earth, for only in walking in the darkness could you find the LIGHT and only by fully experiencing the lowest frequencies could you recognise the higher ones. There is no judgement and I would guide you to refrain from judging SELF, ALL IS NOW and ALL JUST IS, this is an experience that now dissolves in order for you to CREATE that which makes your heart sing in order to experience HEAVEN upon EARTH.

Do not try to place “timescales” upon this process or try to push yourself through the process for ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE, at this time you are fully guided by your SOUL and you are asked to BREATHE and to BE.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”


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